Prepping Your Home for Autumn

by Heather Harris

With autumn just over the horizon, now is a good time to do some end-of-season home cleanup – both inside and out – to prepare your home for the upcoming colder months.  It may seem too soon to start doing some of these things, but you’ll be glad you started in the warmer months.  Preparing your home for autumn may seem like a daunting task but these steps are simple and will give you a good place to start.


Washer and Dryer: Check your washing machine hoses for wear and tear, and clean our your dryer duct before the weather turns cold.

Air Conditioning: If you have a window unit, make sure its drained of condensation before you remove it at the end of the summer.  Whether you remove it or not, it is a good idea to make sure the condensation is drained after the last use. Make sure to check for debris like dead leaves and bugs.  This is also a good time to check the window seals.

Heating: People tend to wait until its cold to care for their heating system, but now’s the time to make the transition. Check your filter, clean your vents and grates, and schedule to have your system inspected and any fireplaces cleaned before the colder weather hits.


Yard: Clean out garden pots, and dry out and preserve any fruits, vegetables, or herbs so they don’t go to waste. Remove all decaying plants, and clean up any unwanted growth to prepare for fall plants (and to avoid having to deal with returning weeds in the spring). Also make sure your hose and sprinklers stay out for planting or fertilizing during the fall.

Gutters: You may very well want to wait until after the leaves fall in autumn to clean the gutters, but taking a look at your gutters at the end of summer could save you the headache of poor fall drainage.

Patios and Decks: If your grilling season ends this month, make sure to carefully clean any accumulated grease and sediment from your wood or stone, and do the same with your grill and patio furniture before storing it away.

Shed: Take this time to reorganize–bringing rakes, leaf blowers, and wheelbarrows front and center, while storing summer items you no longer need toward the back until next summer.

Pool: If you own a pool, begin to prep for its annual closing by vacuuming, cleaning filters, and testing the water balance. As Labor Day approaches, start making room for storing away pool floats, toys, and any equipment such as the ladder, stairs, and filters, and bring out the cover.

Even though the summer swelter is still in high gear, it will be worth your while–and your home’s–to keep one eye out for the upcoming autumn season.


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Source: Brady, Matthew. Prepping Your Home for Autumn. Reminder Media.

Published on 2019-08-05 19:38:33